Cassandra McGinnity Photography


I have loved photographing this family year after year...

I first met the Cote family about 4 years ago. It feels like the time has flown by! I can’t believe it has been that long since I photographed little Claire for the first time! I remember the first time, she was about two and a half or so and she was so cooperative! She definitely got a little busier in her later shoots, but the candid nature she exudes is heart warming.


Sarah and Matt are a lovely couple and I am so grateful they continue to reach out to me to capture the life of their family, year after year. It is an amazing thing to watch a little one grow, not only in photographs but also in personality. Sarah always knows how to style the family and this truly makes for wonderful photos. It was a chilly November day, although Claire still wanted ice cream after for her “incentive” to taking family photos, haha.


They love their little Claire so much and it is obvious by all of the smiles. This family is so much fun. I love that they appreciate the candid shots and are able to go with the flow of a photoshoot with a toddler so gracefully. Claire is too funny with all of her expressions, especially the ones of her “what do you smile like on your birthday” face.


Thank you so much Sarah, Matt and Claire for allowing me to capture your beautiful family not once, but several times over the last few years. It has been my pleasure. I hope to continue to capture the love of your family for years to come!

Cassandra McGinnity